Steel cord rubber conveyor belt

  • High wear resistance conveyor belt, long lasting.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope adopts 7*7/7*19 structure with high strength.
  • Excellent adhesion of core rubber, conveyor belt & wire rope are not easy to peel off.
  • Heat resistance and fatigue resistance of conveyor belt.

Normal Belt Strength (N/mm)

Max. Steel

Cord Dia. (mm)


Cord Construction


Breaking Strength (kN/cord)

Cord Pitch (mm)

Min. Pulley

Diameter (mm)

ST-500 3 7*7 7.6 14 500
ST-630 3 7*7 7 10 500
ST-800 3.5 7*7 8.9 10 500
ST-1000 4 7*7 12.9 12 630
ST-1250 4.5 7*7 16.1 12 800
ST-1600 5 7*7 20.6 12 1000
ST-2000 6 7*7/ 7*19 25.6 12 1000
ST-2500 7.2 7*7/ 7*19 40.0 15 1250
ST-3150 8.1 7*7/ 7*19 50.5 15 1400
ST-3500 8.6 7*7/ 7*19 56.0 15 1600
ST-4000 8.9 7*7/ 7*19 63.5 15 1600
ST-4500 9.7 7*7/ 7*19 76.3 16 1600
ST-5000 10.9 7*7/ 7*19 91.0 17 1800

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steel cord rubber conveyor belt

Steel cord rubber conveyor belt structure

Steel cord rubber conveyor belt consists of top rubber cover, carcass and bottom rubber cover.

Steel cord conveyor belt carcass consists of steel cord and core rubber,provide ST-500,ST-630,ST-800,ST-1000,ST-1250,ST-2500,ST-4500 and other strength conveyor belt steel cord.

Steel wire rope tensile strength test

Sinoconve steel cord conveyor belt adopts 7*7/7*19 steel cord as the carcass. Steel cord conveyor belts can effectively transport heavy goods such as ore.

steel cord conveyor belt testing procedure

Steel cord conveyor belt shipping and packaging

Steel cord conveyor belt takes the steel cord as the carcass and is heavy. Packaged on the basis of conventional packaging, steel frame options are available.

What is steel cord conveyor belt

Steel cord conveyor belt is a rubber conveyor belt with steel wire as the skeleton. It has the advantages of high tensile strength, good impact resistance, long service life, small use elongation, good trough formation, and good flexural resistance. , mining, port, electric power, metallurgy, building materials and other industries that require tear-proof conditions.

Parameter characteristics of steel cord conveyor belt
  1. The conveyor belt has high strength and high safety factor.
  2. The elongation at break is small, and the tension stroke distance is short,
  3. The steel wire rope and the rubber are firmly combined, and the dynamic performance is excellent.
  4. The belt body is soft, with good groove formation and good linear running performance.
  5. Excellent impact resistance.
  6. The joint is reliable and has a long service life.
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