• High Flexibility
  • High Power Transmission Capability
  • Small Pulley Diameters
  • Large Speed Ratios Possible
  • Good Frictional Power Transmission
  • High Power Transmission Capability
  • Insensitive To Torque & Short-Term Overload in
Section Length(Le) Section Length(Le) Section Length(Le)
mm mm mm
PM 2286 PM 3030 PM 3270
PM 2388 PM 3040 PM 3280
PM 2515 PM 3050 PM 3290
PM 2693 PM 3060 PM 3300
PM 2832 PM 3070 PM 3310
PM 2921 PM 3080 PM 3320
PM 2960 PM 3090 PM 3420
PM 2970 PM 3100 PM 3430
PM 2980 PM 3110 PM 3440
PM 2990 PM 3120 PM 3450
PM 3000 PM 3130 PM 3460
PM 3010 PM 3140 PM 3470
PM 3020 PM 3150 PM 3480
PM 3124 PM 3160 PM 3490
PM 3327 PM 3170 PM 3500
PM 3330 PM 3180 PM 3531
PM 3340 PM 3190 PM 3734
PM 3350 PM 3200 PM 4089
PM 3360 PM 3210 PM 4191
PM 3370 PM 3220 PM 4470
PM 3380 PM 3230 PM 4648
PM 3390 PM 3240 PM 4826
PM 3400 PM 3250
PM 3410 PM 3260

rubber conveyor belt certificates

ribbed belt

Ribbed belt structure

V-ribbed belt structure: top surface layer, cord, rubber

sinoconve V-ribbed belts offer a choice of four surfaces:Rough surface,Glossy surface,Fabric surfac&SN surfac

Cords are available in two options: polyester cord, fiberglass cord

Rubber: CR, EPDM, CR+Kevlar, EPDM+Kevlar

Ribbed belt quality test

Sinoconve conveyor belt will be tested for tensile strength, abrasion resistance and adhesion before leaving the factory to determine whether the conveyor belt meets customer requirements.

Conveyor belt testing procedure
ribbed belt transport

Ribbed belt shipping and packaging

Sinoconve ribbed belt are packaged and transported in 65*37*26 cartons, and also provide customized ribbed belt logo and product retail packaging.

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What is ribbed belt

Ribbed belt, also known as the compound V-belt, is a new type of transmission belt. It is an annular belt with several longitudinal triangular wedges attached to the base of the flat belt. It has a wide range of applications, especially for the transmission that requires a large number of V-belts or the wheel axis is perpendicular to the ground.

Ribbed belt drive combines the advantages of the V-belt drive and the flat belt drive. It has large transmission power, small vibration and stable operation. Ribbed belt is mainly used in the occasions where the transmission power is large and the structure is required to be compact. The transmission ratio can reach 10 and the belt speed can reach 40m/s.

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