timing belt
Timing belt

Timing belt

Sinoconve timing belt uses CR,HNBR or PU main rubber material, produced strictly according to technical standard .Sinoconve timing belt belt has the feature of perfect tooth shape, long service life,less noise, high force of driving. better driving precision, better wearable performance.

What is timing belt

The timing belt is an endless belt with steel wire rope or glass fiber as the strong layer and covered with polyurethane or neoprene rubber. When the timing belt is driven, the transmission ratio is accurate, the force on the shaft is small, the structure is compact, the oil resistance, the wear resistance and the aging resistance are good. i<10, it can also be used for low-speed transmission for transmissions requiring synchronization.

HTD Timing Belt Features

HTD timing belt is a common type of rubber timing belt with the following characteristics.

1. High transmission efficiency: HTD timing belts are designed with curved teeth, which can increase the contact area and improve transmission efficiency.

2. Good wear resistance: HTD timing belt is made of rubber material and glass fibre reinforced material, which has good wear resistance and tensile strength and is suitable for high load transmission occasions.

3. Equal tooth pitch: HTD timing belts have equal tooth pitch to ensure transmission accuracy and stability.

4. Low noise and vibration: HTD timing belts are designed with teeth that reduce noise and vibration and improve transmission efficiency and life.

5. Large transmission power: HTD timing belts are suitable for high power transmission and can transmit larger torque and power, usually used for high power transmission in machining, conveying, printing and other industries.

6. Easy to install and maintain: HTD timing belts are easy to install, do not require professional technicians, maintenance is also relatively easy.

In general, HTD timing belt has high transmission efficiency, good wear resistance, low noise and vibration, suitable for high-power transmission and other characteristics, suitable for a variety of industrial fields in the transmission of high precision and transmission efficiency requirements of the occasion.

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