Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts

Sinoconve acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts are specially designed to handle corrosive materials in phosphoric fertilizer plant,salt pans and paper mills.
The belt is reinforced by multi plies EP/Nylon fabric,and covered by acid and alkali resistant rubber which is mixed by special designed formula and process


Cover rubber property:
Type Tensile strength(MPa) Elongation at break(%) abrasion(mm3) hardness(°)(+10,-5)
Performance before aging ≥14.0 ≥400 ≤250 60
Performance after aging ≥12.0 ≥340 65
Note: When the thickness of the cover rubber is only between 0.8mm and 1.6mm, the test sample thickness can be the maximum thickness you can cut.In this case,tensile strength and elongation at break are allowed to be 15% lower than above.

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EP rubber conveyor belt

EP rubber conveyor belt structure

EP rubber conveyor belt consists of top rubber cover, carcass and bottom rubber cover.

Conveyor belt carcass consists of fabric and skim rubber,provide EP100, EP125, EP150, EP200, EP250 and other strength conveyor belt fabrics,Carcass thickness and fabric layers are customized according to conveyor belt requirements.z

Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt testing procedure

Sinoconve conveyor belt will be tested for tensile strength, abrasion resistance and adhesion before leaving the factory to determine whether the conveyor belt meets customer requirements.

Conveyor belt testing procedure

Conveyor belt shipping and packaging

Sinoconve will provide packaging advice based on the type of conveyor belt you ordered.Sinoconve conveyor belt provides three packaging methods: round roll,glasses roll & oval roll.
Conveyor belt outsourcing pp tarpaulin, color can be customized, and also provide pallet (wood/metal) and iron frame options.

What is acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt

Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts are widely used in alkaline environments such as salt drying and phosphate fertilizer manufacturing.

SINOCONVE acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts are made of high-quality EP canvas as raw materials, and are generally made into rings for use. The covering glue made of acid and alkali resistant materials has good chemical corrosion resistance and good physical properties.

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