Rubber conveyor belt

  • Suitable for heavy duty operations due to polyester/polyamid(EP) fabric structure design
  • Low elongation with highly reliability and durability.
  • High adhesion between plies and between cover and ply.
  • Advanced production technologies and facilities ensure ep conveyor belting extended service life.
  • Available width from 300mm to 2500mm,depending on rubber conveyor belts thickness and length.
  • Different cover quality enable EP conveyor belts to transport materials which is -40℃ to 300℃,combustible,oily and cold.
  • Cover Rubber grade 8MPA,10MPA,12MPA,15MPA





    Belt width (mm) 500,600.650,700,800,1000,1200




    Tensile strength EP315/3,EP400/3,EP500/3,EP600/3




    330PIW,  440PIW
    Top+Bottom thickness 3+1.5,  4+2,  4+1.5,  4+3,  5+1.5, 3/16″+1/16″,  1/4″+1/16″
    Belt thickness 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm,25mm
    Belt length 10m,20m,50m,100m,200m,250m,300m,500m
    Belt edge type  moulded(sealed) edge or cut edge

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EP rubber conveyor belt

EP rubber conveyor belt structure

EP rubber conveyor belt consists of top rubber cover, carcass and bottom rubber cover.

Conveyor belt carcass consists of fabric and skim rubber,provide EP100, EP125, EP150, EP200, EP250 and other strength conveyor belt fabrics,Carcass thickness and fabric layers are customized according to conveyor belt requirements.

EP conveyor belt tensile strength test

Sinoconve conveyor belt will be tested for tensile strength, abrasion resistance and adhesion before leaving the factory to determine whether the conveyor belt meets customer requirements.

Conveyor belt testing procedure

Conveyor belt shipping and packaging

Sinoconve will provide packaging advice based on the type of conveyor belt you ordered.Sinoconve conveyor belt provides three packaging methods: round roll,glasses roll & oval roll.
Conveyor belt outsourcing pp tarpaulin, color can be customized, and also provide pallet (wood/metal) and iron frame options.

What is EP conveyor belt

EP conveyor belt is a rubber conveyor belt with EP fabric layer as the carcass. It is mainly a belt core for cold-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, high-temperature-resistant and chemical-resistant conveyor belts. It can be applied to different regions, different hot and cold conditions, and different conditions for conveying bulk materials such as various grains, chemical products, etc. Ordinary conveyor belts are widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, electric power, metallurgy and other departments. Cement and other bulk materials or items.

EP conveyor belt strength selection

EP conveyor belt has various tensions such as ep100, ep150, ep200, ep250, ep300, ep350, ep400, ep500. EP conveyor belt is a high-quality product that replaces the nn conveyor belt and the ordinary cotton conveyor belt. It combines all the advantages of the ordinary cotton conveyor belt and the nylon conveyor belt. EP conveyor belt has a long service life, high wear resistance and strong tear resistance. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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