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Mining conveyor belt

Mining conveyor belt, mainly divided into two kinds of above ground conveyor belt and underground conveyor belt. Underground needs conveyor belts with flame retardant and impact resistant properties, in above ground needs conveyor belts that can transport minerals over long distances, large distances and high speeds.

mining conveyor belt
Rubber Conveyor belts structure

Inclined mining conveyor belt

Chevron conveyor belt and sidewall conveyor belt are recommended when mining conveyor belt need to be transported at large inclined angles. The maximum inclination angle of 18° for mining conveyor belt with chevron conveyor belt can effectively prevent ore scattering. Sidewall conveyor belt has a maximum inclination angle of 90° .

How to choose mining conveyor belt

Underground mining conveyor belt, because of the high temperature and high pressure of the underground mining environment, if ordinary conveyor belt is used, when a fire accident occurs, it will speed up the spread of fire and cause a major accident. Flame-retardant conveyor belt is not easy to ignite because of the flame retardant material added to the rubber, and the flame will be extinguished within three seconds after leaving the fire, which can reduce the damage of the fire accident. Therefore, it is recommended to use flame retardant conveyor belt for underground mining conveyor belt.

Above-ground mining conveyor belts are required to transport minerals over long distances, over large areas and at high speeds. When transporting flat terrain, ep conveyor belts and wire rope conveyor belts are recommended. Chevron conveyor belts and sidewall conveyor belt are recommended when inclined angle transport is required.

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