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When the ordinary flat conveyor belt is used on a conveyor with an inclination angle of more than 30°, the material is prone to slipping due to the smooth surface and low friction.
Therefore, SINCONVE BELT recommends using:
Rough top conveyor belt, Chevron conveyor belt & Sidewall conveyor belt.

rough top rubber conveyor belt
Rubber Conveyor belts structure

Conveyor belts classified by structure

  • Sidewall conveyor belts
  • Chevron conveyor belt
  • Rough top conveyor belts

How to choose inclined conveyor belt

In order to prevent the goods from falling when they are transported on the conveyor at an angle greater than 30 degrees,
SINOCONVE provides the following three conveyor belt solutions for buyers:

1. Rough top conveyor belt, the rough surface conveyor belt can effectively prevent the falling of short-distance transported goods by virtue of the grass pattern on the load surface.

2. Chevron conveyor belt has raised or sunken patterns on the upper surface, which enhances the anti-skid performance of the conveying surface. At the same time, due to the strong overall material, it can adapt to long-distance inclined cargo transportation of 30°-45°.

3.Sidewall conveyor belt has vulcanized partitions and sidewalls at the same time, which can effectively prevent the sliding of the conveyed materials.It is suitable for bulk cargo transportation with an inclination of 50°-90°.

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