If the belt has a 2MM difference, will it affect the use?

If the belt has a 2MM difference, will it affect the use?pk belt

Can 6PK2155 replace 2160? Can 8PK1060 replace 1062? The customer asks like this ,I want to say that it can be replaced.
In fact, many models with similar lengths are usually made by the same mold, For example: 6PK1062 and 6PK1060, the factory uses the same mold for production.Because each of our molds differs by 5mm, if you need 6PK1016, then we will use 6PK1015 molds to produce.

In addition, the belt pulley can adjust the distance , so the tolerance of the belt length will not affect the normal use of the machine.

Tolerance value (mm) limit deviation Difference(mm)
Le≤1000 ±6 ≤2
1000≤Le≤1000 ±8 0.2% of the nominal value
of the effective length
1200≤Le≤1400 ±9
1400≤Le≤1600 ±10
1600≤Le≤2000 ±11
Le>2000 ±12
Effective length Le(mm) Limit deviation (mm)
350<Le≤750 ±4
750<Le≤1000 ±5
1000<Le≤1500 ±6
1500<Le≤2000 ±7
2000<Le≤3000 ±6

What factors determine the length of the belt?

1.If choose the wrong mold, it will be difficult to reach the standard length.So we choose the right mold is very important.
2.After the vulcanization process, the belt will be very hot and needs to be cooled in water. Because the rubber has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, so the cooling time in the water will affect the length of the belt.
For example,If we use a mold with a length of 1070mm to produce a belt, the finished belt may be 1072mm, or 1068mm, if the machine needs to use two or more belts to work, we recommend using the same batch of belts.
3.Due to environmental factors, the length of different batches of belts will be slightly different. Even internationally famous brands can not make all batches of belts exactly the same.
Therefore: Our production department will control the length of the belt within a reasonable tolerance, and the error within 2mm will not affect the normal use of the machine

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