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Food conveyor belt

In the food industry, conveyor belts are widely used in all aspects of food processing in order to process large quantities of raw materials.

rubber conveyor belt
Rubber Conveyor belts structure

Different types of food conveyor belts are used for each stage of food handling.

Rubber conveyor belt and pvc conveyor belt are used in the link of food stock discharging.

PTFE conveyor belts are used in food processing heating.

Wire mesh conveyor belts are used for cooling food after it has been heated.

Food grade pvc conveyor belt and pu conveyor belt are used for raw material pretreatment and after food processing treatment.

EP conveyor belt
In the food raw material handling stage, there are not too many requirements for the conveyor belt grade because of the presence of the outer packaging. However, in order to prevent raw materials from slipping during transportation, patterned conveyor belts and edge-blocking conveyor belts are usually used.
steel cord conveyor belt
Food pretreatment and processing, because the conveyor belt needs to be in direct contact with food, food grade pvc and pu conveyor belts are the best choice to ensure the safety of food.
Rough top conveyor belt
PTFE conveyor belt, with their high temperature resistance and anti-stick properties, are suitable for use in the heating, freezing and pressing of food products.
Endless conveyor belts
Wire mesh conveyor belts, by virtue of the spacing of the mesh and the thermal conductivity of the metal, can accelerate the cooling of the food.

What is a food conveyor belt?

Food conveying conveyor belts refer to conveyor belts in the food industry that require direct contact with the food produced. Food conveyor belts are generally available in PVC, PU, PTFE, PP & metal.

The application of food conveyor belts is mainly determined by the food to be transported

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